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Castle Home Designs’ Staff


Jennifer Gabel (aka: Guinevere inghean Uí háinle)

Jennifer is the owner, buyer, crafter, web designer, and accountant for Castle Home Designs.  Basically, if it needs to be done, Jenn is the one to do it.  But not without help from her other staff members – her family.

Jenn is a member of the SCA Shire of Nahrun Kabirun in the Kingdom of the Outlands.


Steve Gabel

Jenn’s husband, Steve, is the Chief Financial Officer.

He helps pay the bills to support Jenn’s hobbies and business.

His support is financial, emotional, and physical (he helps with the heavy lifting).


Merlin, Chief of Security

Merlin will melt your heart with his magic but he also is the protector of the realm.


Baelfyre, Production Supervisor

No animals were harmed in taking this picture – he got in the bucket all on his own.  It’s his favorite spot when mom is busy crafting.